Tributes for murdered school girl Paige Doherty continue

The mother and best friend of Paige Doherty are continuing to keep the school girl’s memory alive by running a self defence class and encouraging people to continue posting on the Facebook page, Pout for Paige.


Paige’s mum, Pamela Monro, has pledged to try her best to keep Paige’s memory alive and positive as possible as a way of coping with the tragic circumstances surrounding her death.

The 15-year-old  was found dead by a roadside verge in March 2016 after being reported missing just days before police discovered her remains.

Paige’s friend’s memorial page has had a storm of support.

Thousands of people across Scotland and the rest of the UK have shown their support for the family and friends of Paige Doherty by posting #poutforpaige selfies onto social media, including high profile people such as Nicola Sturgeon, Gaz Beadle and Jeremy McConnell.

Paige’s friend, Amy Crawford, who runs the Pout for Paige memorial Facebook group asked over 14,000 members to get infront of their cameras again to support the 33-year-old mum for her bravery in seeking justice for her daughter.

Amy said: “As of what we all know has been a horrible week for family and friends of Paige. I just want Pamela too know how important she really is, through everything Pamela has remained strong, she has kept her dignity after loosing her daughter.

“She has helped others (especially me and how she has helped me cope with my grief and it’s something I’ll never be able to thank her enough for) and been there for others when really it should be everyone being there for her.

Paige would be so proud of her mum as she always was. As she always used to say ‘If your mums as good looking as mine then she deserves everything’.

 “After all the negativity this week and Pamelas name been darkened for totally irelevant things, being slated on this page and constant people clearly just trying to put her down. Tonight at 9pm we will take the settings off of ‘approve’ so everyone can post a pic of them with their thumbs up for Pamela to show how much she is in all of our thoughts along with Paige and caption your photos #POSITIVEFORPAMELA“.

The Whitecrook teenager’s charity, Paige’s Promise, now runs self defence classes for young people from 4:45pm to 5:45pm at Centre81. The charity is also looking into ways of supporting grieving families who have experienced similar circumstances.

Pamela said: “We thank everyone for their ongoing support and hope they can support the positive side now and join classes or encourage family members to.”


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