Teenage girl hosts local ceilidh in attempt to bring churches together

19-year-old Catriona Crawford is hosting a charity ceilidh in Abbotsford Parish Church on the 9th of September as a way of bringing local churches together.


The local teen has been attending church her whole life and believes that hosting a charity ceilidh will bring not only the church communities of Clydebank together but will attract more people to the church.

Catriona said:

“I’m organising a ceilidh between my church, Abbotsford Parish Church, and our linked church at Dalmuir Barclay as a way to hopefully bring the two closer together and get to know one another.

“I think that it will be a nice way for people to have fun together and I hope that it will bring some churches together and even bring more people into the church if they have a good time.

“Everyone from any church is welcome to come and bring friends and family!”

The Clydebank teenager has been organising the event for months and is looking to be a great success.

Family, youth and support worker at Abbsotsford Parish Church and Dalmuir Barclay Church, Gillian Graham, said:

“We are always looking for ways to bring more people into the church, young people in particular.

“I think that the ceilidh is a great way to involve the community in a church event and it is fantastic to see a younger church member organise an all age event.”

Tickets are still being sold at Abbotsford Parish Church in Clydebank Shopping Centre and you can phone for more information to 0141 952 3943.


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